The WPA began as an informal alumni society for the Department of Philosophy at the University of Windsor. Shortly after the inception of the WPA it became a loose knit association of alumni from the department of philosophy, philosophers located in Windsor, and generally friends of philosophy within the region. This more general association was intended to be an open group that supports the development of a critical community of the philosophically minded within the region. The WPA supported both student and independent scholarship and encourages philosophers to bring their research beyond the bounds of the university and into the public sphere.
In May of 2013, the WPA transformed again into the WP(A)A, a registered Non-Profit Corporation and Charitable Organization in Ontario. The notion behind this latest transformation is to establish a non-profit artist organization (akin to Artcite, Windsor) dedicated to supporting independent philosophical scholarship and philosophers intervention events within the greater Windsor region.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Philosophy Graduate Conference (FYI):
The University of Windsor Department of Philosophy Presents:
‘Critical Reflections’:
A Graduate Philosophy Conference
Saturday, 22 March, 2014 in McPherson Lounge, Alumni Hall


9:30                                                                 Refreshments
9:55                                                                 Introductory Remarks
10:00   Matthew Pezzaniti (Windsor)              ‘A New Approach to Justifying and Evaluating                                                                                  Inductive Inferences"
10:30   Robert Powers (Windsor)                   'Jim Crow's Legacy: Drug Laws and Minority                                                                                    Oppression in the United States'
11:00   Michael da Silva  (Toronto)                'The Role of Defenders’ Beliefs in Aggressors’                                                                                  Forfeiture of Rights against Self-Defensive Force'
11:30                                                               Lunch
12:15   Jonathan Fuqua (Purdue)                   'Warrant and the Epistemic Value Problem'
12:45   Beverly Anger (McMaster)                 'The Moral, The Political, and Mouffe'
1:15     Justin Morris (McMaster)                   'Toward an Eco-Cosmopolitan Disposition'
1:45                                                                 Break
2:00     Eric Hamm (Purdue)                          'Sartre, Looking Past, and The New “Other”'
2:30     Laura Nicola (Windsor)                       'Authenticity: grounded in the “they”, emerging from                                                                         the “self”'
3:00                                                            Closing Remarks

Lunch and refreshments will be provided. All are welcome to attend.
On Friday 21 March 2014 at 4:00 pm. in McPherson Lounge there will be a keynote address by Professor of Philosophy at Detroit Mercy
Dr. David Koukal
'Embodied Politics in the Age of the Virtual'

All Events Supported by:
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With special thanks to:
Dr. Marcello Guarini and the University of Windsor Department of Philosophy

Dr. Antonio Rossini of the Humanities Research Group (HRG)

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