Michigan State University 12th Annual Grad Conf.

12th Annual Graduate Philosophy Conference
Setting the Stage for Tomorrow’s Dialogue: Reflections on our Practice
March 25-26, 2011, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan,

Invited Speakers
Keynote - Douglas Anderson, Southern Illinois University
Faculty - Kyle Whyte, Michigan State University

We seek those papers that address the conference theme of exploring how we are to proceed as philosophers, focusing on our ways of engaging each other as well as members in related disciplines in the Humanities. Guiding Questions:

• What is the Philosophy’s Role in Education? In the University? In Society?
• What are Philosophers saying and who are they talking to?
• What Issues should Philosophers engage with?
• How should philosophy be taught and why?

The graduate students at Michigan State University’s Department of Philosophy invite papers and panel proposals in all areas of philosophy. While our ability to appreciate your paper depends in part upon whether we are familiar with its specialization, we are much more interested in receiving good papers regardless of their area. We are seeking especially those papers that make an original contribution and offer careful philosophical expansion.

As a graduate body, we see social interaction—as friendly, authentic dis-course— as a great aid to the practice of philosophy. We hope our speakers will engage in both the scholarly and more social aspects of the conference, which include an opening dinner and farewell party.

For additional information about our conference, including registration, conference schedule, and prior conference abstracts, visit the conference Web site: www.msu.edu/~philconf/

Entries must be received electronically by January 10th, 2011 and be suitable for blind review. Presentations are 30 minutes, so please limit to 15 pages (double-spaced) and include an abstract of no more than 250 words.

Please submit entries and inquiries to: philconf@msu.edu