The WPA began as an informal alumni society for the Department of Philosophy at the University of Windsor. Shortly after the inception of the WPA it became a loose knit association of alumni from the department of philosophy, philosophers located in Windsor, and generally friends of philosophy within the region. This more general association was intended to be an open group that supports the development of a critical community of the philosophically minded within the region. The WPA supported both student and independent scholarship and encourages philosophers to bring their research beyond the bounds of the university and into the public sphere.
In May of 2013, the WPA transformed again into the WP(A)A, a registered Non-Profit Corporation and Charitable Organization in Ontario. The notion behind this latest transformation is to establish a non-profit artist organization (akin to Artcite, Windsor) dedicated to supporting independent philosophical scholarship and philosophers intervention events within the greater Windsor region.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


windsorphilosophy.blogspot.com came about to meet a number of specific needs.  We fully expect this forum to change over time as new needs arise in the region, but initially this blogspot will:

1.                  Act as a general information source regarding events in the region: Within the region Surrounding Windsor (including Michigan) we have a number of universities who frequently sponsor conferences, visiting speakers, round table discussion groups, etc.  Frequently, the philosophically orientated in the region miss these noteworthy events because there is no central source for information about philosophy in the region.  As these events arise, windsorphilosophy.blogspot.com will post the pertinent information about these events.
2.                  Provide a space for non-academically affiliated philosophers to continue to engage with academe: At the end of philosophy degrees, if a philosophy student does not pursue an academic career in philosophy it is extremely easy to loose touch with the field as well as the manner of questioning as a result of the lack of a critical community in which philosophical dialogue can occur.  We offer this virtual space in order to provide a forum through which all can engage with the forms of critical dialogue particular to our discipline.
3.                  Let you know what philosophers specifically from the University of Windsor are up to now:  We will periodically post stories and bios about philosophers who studied at the University of Windsor, detailing their current activities, accomplishments, and research projects.
4.                  Act as a means to specifically promote WPA events, Forums, Discussions, and activities:  This loose knit organization holds a number of yearly events and would like to do more.  It is essential that we get the word out and this blog will do just that.

So, if you are a philosopher in the Windsor region, please follow this blog.  If you know about something going on within a two hour drive of Windsor, have a philosophical event you would like to promote or bring to our attention, or just generally have something to share, please engage with this forum.  If there is anything you would like to see this blogspot do in addition to the above, please email windsorphilosophy@gmail.com and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Grant Yocom
Windsor Philosophical Association

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